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ALL club members are required to become members of Triathlon Ireland (at least Associate Membership). Triathlon Ireland Membership Numbers should be forwarded immediately on receipt to above contact. Failure to do so may result in failure to secure club membership or membership may be withdrawn.

I agree to apply separately for my Triathlon Ireland License and I am aware that I am not covered by insurance until I hold such a License. I agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Midland Triathlon Club, by the spirit of the laws of the sport of triathlon and the Rules and Regulations of the National Governing Body. I certify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for participation in these events(s), and have not been advised against participation by a qualified health professional.

I fully understand that neither Midland Triathlon Club nor its officers or its servants or agents are responsible for any harm, loss or damage caused to participants, spectators, their property or equipment while training for or practicing and participating in the sport of triathlon. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Midland Triathlon Club and its officers against any claims, damages, costs or proceedings of any kind arising out of me being a member of the said Midland Triathlon Club and I confirm that I have been advised to take independent legal advice prior to executing this Agreement but I hereby waive my right to do so and fully acknowledge and understand the effect and content of this document.

It is the expectation of the club that as a member you support marshalling needs at 'at least' one of the MTC sponsored races


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